Canada Work Visa Processing Time


Canada Work Visa is a type of temporary resident visa which allows skilled international workers to work in Canada. To apply for Canadian Work Visa, you need to fulfil some requirements, and if you are seeking employment in Quebec, then you require some additional permissions. 

But, the most challenging part for the visa process is the time span. When you present all of your documents, data etc., the one thing you can only do is wait for the results. How long does a Canadian work permit take? It depends on the type of work permit you are applying for. 

Inside From Canada

If you submitted the application from inside Canada (for those who apply for extensions to already issued work permits), then generally it will take about 38-days for a paper application and approximately 25-days for online application.

Outside From Canada

The processing time of the work visa will vary from country to country if you apply from outside of Canada. Generally, it will take about three months.

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