Canada Work Visa Permit Process


Everyone who wants to work in Canada needs to apply for a Canada Work Visa and applying for a work visa can not be done in one step. You need to go through a proper channel to apply for the work visa.

While you are applying for the work visa, you have to follow a process called Work Visa Permit Process. Firstly you have your assessment which will be sent to the experts, and they will check your eligibility whether you are eligible to apply for the work visa or not. If you are eligible, you can have your appointment. You need to provide all the required documents in hard form; your documents will be reviewed and will be sent to the Canadian experts.


You can consult our adviser if you really want to apply for a work visa. Our adviser will guide you with each detail of the visa process, including fee structure, required documents and eligibility criteria. For More Detail Contact Us!

Have an assessment

An assessment form will tell you about your eligibility regarding the work visa process. To test your eligibility, you can fill our Assessment Form. Once you provide the required information, please review it and click on the submit button. Then this form will be sent to Canadian expert. Canadian experts will review it, and they will suggest through your score whether you are eligible or not. Once you qualify, you can have an appointment with us. We will email you the list of required documents which you need to provide us.

Review your documents

After receiving all your required documents, we will give a review of your documents and inform you about your validity. You can submit your documents via mail or by hand. 

In case if you have missed any document, it will cause a delay in your visa processing. So make sure you have provided every required document.

Gather required documents

Some basic required documents include:

  • A passport and two pictures of yourself
  • Family information form
  • Proof of employment in Canada
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of any relation in Canada (if any)

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