Canada Visit Visa Types


Every year the eye-opening natural beauty of Canada attracts visitors from all over the world. Canada is full of amazing places, and it has a lot for international travellers. A visit to Canada will definitely astonish you. From vibrant cities to scenic landscapes, Canada has so much to explore. If you want to visit Canada, you need to apply for a Canada Visit Visa. The Canadian Government offers different types of visit visas. Some of them are:

Super Visa

The super visa is issued to the parents or grandparents who want to visit their child or grandchild, who is a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist visa is issued to the tourists who want to visit Canada.

Business Visa

If you want to start a business in Canada or want to visit the state for business purposes so you need to apply for a Business visa.

Moreover, as you are travelling to another country, you are abiding to follow the rules and regulations of the country. Canada invites all the refugees and people all around the world. However, it also wants a criminal free environment. Thus, for you to be able to travel to Canada, and have a visa in your hand, you must be a crime-free individual. You must also oppose such criminal activity that can destroy the peace in the country.



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