Canada Visit Visa Processing Time


The processing time of a visitor visa varies from country to country and depends on the following factors.

  • The nature of the application submitted.
  • If a complete application is given.
  • Easy verification of your information.
  • The time period you take to respond to any requests or concerns.

The things you may need to provide along with your application is your biometrics. If you are applying for a transit visa, you do not need to provide biometrics. The following things do not include in the processing time:

  1. The time period it takes to send an application between a VAC and our office.
  2. The time period in which you need to give your biometrics.

Apply Online

Now you do not need to apply through the post, you can apply online. It includes the following benefits:

  • Save yourself from courier fees. There is certainly no courier fees or mail delivery time.
  • As soon as you submit your application, we will get it instantly.
  • Avoid delays in processing. We will return the incomplete applications to you. When you apply online, we will help you to ensure that your application is complete before submission.
  • If we ask for more documents, you can submit them online quickly without wasting your energy or time.
  • Moreover, through an online account, you can easily get updates on the status of your application.

How is the processing time calculated?

The processing time of your application starts when we receive a complete application and ends when we make a certain decision. If you choose to apply through mail, the time starts when your application is delivered in our mailroom. However, if you choose to apply online or in-person, it starts when you confirm your application. For More Details, Contact Us!

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