Canada Visit Visa Permit Process


When you are applying for the Visit Visa, you have to follow a process which is called Visit Visa Permit Process. The first thing you need is to do an Assessment which will be sent to the experts; they will check your eligibility. After that, if you are eligible, you will get an appointment. We will email you the required documents, and you have to provide them in hard form or can send via email. We will further review your documents, and after that, we will send to the Canadian experts. After reviewing your profile, we will update you.

Do an Assessment

Assessment form certainly ensures your eligibility for Visit permits process. You may need to fill our ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM. Please read it carefully and fill out with valid information. Once you complete the assessment form, review the form and click on the submit button. Furthermore, we will send this Assessment to Canadian experts. The Canadian experts will review your assessment form and will suggest us and tell us whether you are eligible or not. You will be given some scores it will state your eligibility. 

If you are eligible, we will update you, and you can have an appointment with our office. We will email you the list of required documents. You gather your required documents and visit our office during office hours.

Review Documents

After receiving all your required documents, we will give a review of your documents and inform you about your validity. You can submit your documents via mail or by hand. If you have missed any document, then it will cause a delay in your visa. So make sure you have provided each required document.

Gather Required Documents

The documents required for Visit Visa are as follows:

  • A passport and two pictures of yourself.
  • Family information form.
  • Bank statement.
  • Proof of relation in Canada (if any).

For more details about requirements Visit Visa Requirements

Apply for Visit Visa

Once you are done with your documents, and you get approved by us, then you are good to go. Your application will proceed to the visa office.



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