Canada Tourist Visa


Tourist visa or Visitor visa is a type of Canada temporary resident visa which allows you to enter Canada for a temporary stay. It is an official document stamped in your passport. You may also need a visa if you are transiting through a Canadian airport on your way to your final destination.

Most travellers need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or even transit through Canada. However, there are some requirements needed to be followed for a Canada Tourist Visa.

  • The type of travel document that you are travelling with
  • The country that issued your travel document
  • Your nationality
  • How you are going travel to Canada – the budget and your transportation

Note: In case of improper documentation, your visa will be delayed.

Basic Travel Requirements

In order to travel through Canada or to get Tourist Visa for Canada, you need to meet some following requirements:

  1. Must have a valid travel document, such as a passport
  2. Should be in good health
  3. Must have no criminal records or immigration-related convictions
  4. Must convince an immigration officer that you have resources, for instance, a job, home, financial assets or family. These assets are the necessary element as these will take you back to your home country
  5. Convince an immigration officer that you are planning to leave Canada at the end of your visit
  6. Must be economically stable, have enough money for your stay.
    • The amount of money is very valuable as it depends on how long you will stay. It is of huge importance if you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.
    • Medical exam and letter of invitation is also a necessary element for your stay in Canada.

Who Cannot Enter Canada?

Some people are inadmissible, which means that they are not eligible to come to Canada. There are certainly a lot of things that can make you inadmissible, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations or organized crime. Therefore Tourist Visa for Canada is certainly not for the criminals.

Transit Visa 

Foreigners needs a transit visa to travel through Canada without stopping or visiting. This visa is certainly necessary even if the foreign national will be in Canada for less than 48 hours. However, for a transit visa, there are no specific fees.

Do you want to visit Canada for business purposes? If so, you need to apply for a Canada Business Visa



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