Canada Study Visa Requirements


Canada is a lovely state in North America. It is one of the prevailing countries to study. It offers dozens of opportunities to international students. Canada has a lot to explore and plenty of unforgettable activities to do. It is a land of scenic landscapes, vibrant cities, and jaw-dropping natural wonders. Every year over 130,000 students from all over the world choose to study in Canada. It welcomes international students pleasantly and offers different opportunities for a better future. 

Do you want to study in Canada? If so, then you need to fulfil various requirements for the Canada Study Visa. The first thing you need to get a Canada Study Visa is a study permit. It will allow you to stay in Canada for the duration of your study program. If the applicants want to study in Canada for up to six months, they do not need to obtain a study permit. It will be advantageous for international students to obtain study permits because, in various cases, a student wants to continue their studies in Canada and wants to do another program. 

Documents Required For Study Visa

You need the following documents to obtain a study visa for Canada.

1. An acceptance letter from any of the Designated Learning Institutes (Either in hard form or soft form) 

2. Completed application form of Canada Study Visa 

3. You also need a Temporary residence permit to stay in Canada for the required duration Passport or travel document 

4. A return ticket that assures your return to your native country (Not mandatory for the nationals of United States of America)

5. Two recent passport- size photographs (Mention your identity that is Your Full Name, Date of Birth on the back of the photograph)

6. A letter of explanation

7. Proof of enough financial means i.e. a bank statement of yours or of your guardian

8. You need to keep in mind the following expenses during your stay in Canada.

i. Tuition fee 

ii. Residence fee

iii. Food and other expenses

iv. Transportation 

9. You must be a law-abiding citizen and with no criminal record  

10. You need to provide a police certificate of your country

11. Health certificate

12. You need to satisfy an Immigration officer that you will leave the state at the end of your authorized stay

If you want to study in Quebec , you will need:

1. A certificate d’acceptation du Québec

2. Documents must be translated in either English or French

3. A certified copy of the original documents

Medical Checks for Study Visa Requirements

Once you are done with your medical exam, the relevant doctor will assign you a document that confirms that you had a medical exam. You need to attach a copy of that document with your application before submitting it. Once you submit your application, you will receive the medical instruction from the office within 30-days.

Your application will not proceed without a valid medical exam. A medical test report is valid for up to 12-months. If you do not go to Canada within that period, you may need another medical test for your visa.

Police Checks for Study Visa Requirements

A police certificate is important to obtain as it is one of the major requirements for your study visa. It proves that you do not have any criminal record in your native state. You need a police record if you are 18 or above 18.

Ask from your local police office or government for your police certificate. You need to provide them your legal documents, fingerprints, photograph, and your current address. The validity of your police check depends on your visa.

Biometric Enrollment Process 

When you apply for a study visa, you need to submit your photos and fingerprints at the visa office. Before the biometric process, the Visa Application Center (VAC) staff will check your application. You do not need to give a biometric if you are below 13 or above 80. 

Bank Statement For Study Visa

A bank statement is a basic requirement for a visa application. It determines your financial strength. Almost every other country, including Canada, demands your bank statement to know that you can bear all the expenses while you stay in the State. Before submitting your application, you need to attach the bank statement to ensure that you have enough finances to meet your educational expenses and living costs during your stay in Canada. There are two following important factors to consider while calculating the Bank statement.

1. Tuition Fee

A bank statement must ensure that you are able to pay your semester fees for next three or four years.

2. Maintenance Fee

Canada is quite less expensive than many other neighbouring states. Here, for a good quality lifestyle, you need to have enough finances to meet your daily living expenses such as food, transport, and accommodation, etc.

Language Required for Study in Canada

People from all around the world join Canadian universities and colleges to study. You need to be aware of the following languages if you want to study in Canada.

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Cambridge
  • TOFEL (Test Of English as Foreign Language)

Language Required for Communication

Canada is a multi-ethnic state. Here, you will enjoy a multicultural environment. The most common languages used in Canada for communication are:

  • English
  • French 

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