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The most challenging part of the visa process is the time span. The processing time for the study visa depends on the visa type, study program, and the educational institution you choose. After submitting all the required documents, all you need is to sit back and wait for the approval of the application.

Moreover, the processing time of the study visa varies from country to country. The authorities will contact you via email or through the contact details, you have given in your application.

Factors Affecting The Study Visa Processing Time

If you want to get your visa without any delay, you need to make no errors in the application. There are various factors that affect the processing time of study visa. 

1. Type of application

People apply for different visa programs like study visa, work visa, or visit visa. So, if a program receives more applications than expected, then it may take longer to process. 

2. The incompleteness of the application 

The major factor of the delay in the processing time is submitting incomplete applications. If you apply with incomplete documents, then the IRCC might reject your application, or they may request you to send the complete documents. Thus, it will take a very long period to process your application. 

3. Communication gap

Make sure you respond rapidly to the visa officer and frequently check in to the IRCC or keep in touch with our officer. Any delay on your end will prolong the process.

While submitting an application you need to be careful. All of the required documents must be attached with the application and all the given information must be valid. For More Details Contact Us.

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