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There are many universities in Canada that are offering the best and high-quality education and scholarships for all students. Each year from all over the world, Canada invites and welcomes 350,000 students. It offers a variety of different programs for every field of education. Canadian universities are among World’s Best Universities. A significant amount is spent on the educational system; thus, the students learning from Canadian Educational Institutes succeed at higher levels worldwide. Various nationalities are living and immigrating to Canada. It has an arrangement of empowering multicultural assorted variety. Thus, in this lively setting, people of various believes and faiths live in harmony and support each other.

Applying for The Canada Study Visa

If you want to study in Canada, you need to have a STUDY PERMIT. Once a student has the study permit, it allows and assures your study in the approved institution for the specific course or program duration. Besides that, you can apply for a Canadian Study Visa via online application forms or through Paper applications. Applying through paper application probably take longer than the online process. For more details Contact Us

Steps to Apply for Canada Study Visa

The following are some important steps you need to follow.

Have An Assessment

The first step is to “Have An Assessment”. If you want to apply for a Study Visa. First of all, you have to do an assessment. By doing an assessment, you can know if you are eligible or not. What are the things required to be improved? A Canadian expert checks this assessment. For an assessment, please follow the link Study Visa Assessment.

Review your documents

If your assessment is done and you are eligible. We will contact you. We will furthermore give you the list of required documents. You have to gather the required documents.

Get Updated

After gathering documents, please book an appointment pay the fees, and after that, review your documents from us. You can get even more mail your documents or visit our office.

Apply for Visa

After the documents are ready so you can apply for Study in Canada Visa.

Student Life In Canada 

Canada is known for its cultural diversity due to its international students. It offers a friendly environment, as the citizens of Canada are very friendly, bold, well educated, and polite due to which it has become one of the favorite Study Abroad destinations for students. Life in Canada is the same as other Western nations with some novel Canadian flavor expressly brought by local people. For more, you can also visit International Students In Canada.

Student Accommodation

Most of the universities offer their own hostels with variety of other facilities like Laundry, Kitchen, Food, Wi-Fi and much more. Apart from living in campus hostels you can also go for private living at your own. The expenses vary for different places. 

We would recommend you to stay on campus accommodation for a time being in this way you can save up on transport, would be easier for you get to know more about your campus life and making wider friends circles which will help you to connect better with the surroundings.

Working Part-Time

Besides studying you can work there to meet your other expenses or to make your extra time worthy. You can also work in your semester breaks or you can work full time. Jobs are allowed on campus with a valid study permit or work permit, Off-campus jobs are also allowed but for the time span of 20 hours per week. In case of not owning a study or work permit, it would be illegal to work in Canada, and can also lead to deportation. Students who want to work side by side Study in Canada can easily avail the work permit.

Fun Time Activities

Apart from quality education, activities, and events planned by the school encourages students to get the most out of their Canadian experience. While you’re in Canada, you have an opportunity to advance your education and career. Make the most of it by getting involved in campus activities, networking, and volunteering because, in this way, you can enjoy leisure time. The best way to indulge in your surroundings or expand your friend circle is to interest in the numerous on-campus activities. You can certainly join various associations, social orders, clubs, athletic groups, or scholarly gatherings that intrigue you.

Apply for PR

Canada provides different opportunities for International Students. After completing their education, the students can also get a work permit and, after a year of having a good experience or any professional experience can apply for Permanent Residence. Do you want to know more about Canadian PR? If so, you need to visit the Canadian PR


Can I work during my studies?

Canada provides you with a number of job opportunities. While doing your studies you can also do a part-time job. YES, It is certainly possible to work in Canada under any Citizenship and Immigration.

You can work in Canada during your required degree or course program under following conditions:

1.  You must have a work permit to work Off-campus.

2.  In case of working On-campus you might not need to have work permit.

How can I Apply for Visa?

To apply for study Visa there are following two ways

1. Apply on paper.

2. Apply online.

What are the requirements for Study Visa?

To apply for Study Visa following are the documents required. 

· Academic results.

· Two recent passport size photographs.

· Passport.

· Bank statement.

· Medical checks reports.

· Police clearance certificates.

Can I apply For Permanent Residence?

Yes, you can certainly apply for permanent residence after completing your study. However, there are requirements of the Canadian Government. Learn More


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