Canada Start-Up Visa


If you have potential to start-up a business in Canada, you need to apply for a Start-up Business visa. For this, you must have a qualifying business. The government of Canada will not give any money to start a business; the immigrant must be financially strong so that they can support themselves and live independently. Your application will be checked by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and you will be informed if you are eligible or not. The minimum investment for a start-up visa is $200,000. The following are some of the requirements for start-up visa:

Bank Statement

You must provide a valid bank statement of your account, and you must have enough money to settle and start a business independently in Canada without the help of the government. 


The age of the applicant must be between 20 to 35, and then you will get a maximum score of 12. Although, after the age of 35, you start losing 1 point each year.


The most important requirement, the immigrant must have a degree or diploma from an approved institution. You need to submit the Education Credential Assessment report. This report is proof of your foreign education. You need to attach this report with your documents. 


Business experience is significant for immigration. At least two years of business experience is required, and also if you don’t own your business, then the 2 years of business managerial experience will be helpful for Business Immigration.

Language Ability

The immigrant must prove language ability. They should know the English language and also the French language. There are many approved English and French tests. They must meet the minimum level of CIB 5 (Canadian language benchmark) in both English and French language.


Maximum points will be awarded to those who have full-time Canadian work experience in managerial, professional or skilled trade occupation. The maximum point of adaptability is 10.

Medical Examination and Police Checks

Canada is very strict about their immigration policies, and that is why it is one of the peaceful places to live. For Canada’s permanent resident, you need to show proof of your good health by taking a medical exam. And there should be no criminal record of the candidate. In most cases, it may be the reason for application rejection.

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