Schools & Colleges in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is certainly Canada’s most populated province and provides high-quality education for over 65,000 international students. 

Above all meet with top-ranked private Schools and Colleges in Ontario and the best boarding schools across Canada at the Halton-Peel Private School Expo, Toronto Private School Expo, and Ottawa Private School Expo every fall. These one-day events are a must for any parent or student considering an alternative education.

We caution against paying too much attention to school rankings (decide what’s best for your child!) but the Fraser Institute releases annual reports ranking Ontario’s schools, including the province’s many private schools. Although many of Ontario’s best schools are in fact boarding schools.

Public educational institutions are probably not the only choice for your child. Let them explore their full potential at Ontario private schools, which is the premier alternative for learning. Following is the primary list of the Schools and Colleges in Ontario. Certainly, each school, college and university has its specialty. Some can be better than the other. Some can be exceptional. However, it is totally up-to you that which school or college you think is best for your child. 

Toronto School of Management 

University of Western Ontario

Queen’s University

The University of Western Ontario

Capital English Solutions

University of Waterloo

York’s University

McMaster University

Carleton University 

University of Ottawa

University of Windsor

Ontario Institute of Technology

ALGOMA University 

Trent University 

Confederation College 

CDI College 

First of all, encourage your child to pay attention to studies whatever the school is because every institution demands hard working students. Furthermore, attend every parent-teacher meeting to know about your child’s caliber. Finally, pay extra attention to your child. If you are interested to know about Ontario Immigration, then you may need to read the following content:


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