Schools and Colleges in Nunavut


Nunavut is the beautiful and the largest province of Canada with an area of about 2,093,190 sq. The islands of Nunavut have extents of tundra, craggy mountains, and remote villages. It is well-known for its indigenous Inuit people’s artwork, carvings, and handmade clothing. Nunavut does not have many schools and colleges, but it definitely has the best public institutions and private institutions.

Public Research Institutions

Nunavut is a huge and attractive territory in northern Canada. Nunavut is home to some of the oldest rocks. It is full of enchanting and breathtaking spots. The educational institutions in Nunavut provide superior quality education. But the fees of public schools, colleges, and universities are comparatively lesser than the private sector schools, colleges, and universities. But still, it’s up to you which university you like the most. Nunavut has affiliated with institutions of its neighboring territories. Nunavut Arctic College is a recognized and well-known public institution in Nunavut.

Linguistic Barrier

The most frequently used languages in Nunavut are English, Inuktitut, French, and Inuinnaqtun. Being a separate territory from other regions, there are many different languages spoken in this area. However, several people can understand English as well as French. There are schools and colleges in Nunavut where all the languages are understood, and people speak these languages. Thus, if you want to study in Nunavut, you need to know any of these languages.

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