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Quebec is the second-most populous province in Canada, and it is a well-known destination for foreign professionals. According to the recent census, it is home to approximately one million immigrants. The weather around all the cities is nearly continental. Thus it is Snowy in winters and, hot and humid air in summers. Quebec has its own unique cultural identity as it is the only official French province in Canada. It is a land of some of the globally-known museums and art galleries. This Canadian province is the well-known preference of skilled workers. If you are applying for Quebec Immigration, it means you are applying for Canadian permanent residency.

How can you immigrate to Quebec?

Immigration to Quebec is carried out distinctively, isolated from the selection criteria of the Canadian Government. Thus, those who want to immigrate to Quebec need to undergo a two-step process. First, applicants must be eligible for and obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec). Second, after receiving CSQ, candidates need to apply for Canadian permanent residence to the Federal Government.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec offers a variety of immigration programs for international professionals.

For workers and graduates

– Quebec Skilled Worker Program

– Quebec Experience Program

– Quebec immigration pilot program for workers in information technology, visual effects and artificial intelligence

– Quebec immigration pilot program for food processing workers

– Quebec immigration pilot program for orderlies

For business immigration

– Immigrant Investor Program

– Quebec Entrepreneur Program

– Quebec Self-Employed Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Foreign workers who want to settle in Quebec and have ability to support Quebec’s workforce can apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It is a points-based system which works separately from the plans of the Canadian Government for the skilled workers. French-language proficiency and links to Quebec are valuable under this point-based system.

Cap-exempt Quebec Skilled Worker applicants

Individuals who are temporary residents of Quebec or who have a valid job offer are entitled to submit an application for CSQ (Québec Selection Certificate) at any time.

Mon Projet Quebec

Mon Projet Quebec is an online management system used by the Quebec Government to process the immigration applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. So, individuals who want to live in Canada through QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) need to use the safe space Mon Projet Quebec to apply for QSWP. Mon Projet allows candidates to:

  • Complete their application for a CSQ
  • Follow the status of the application
  • Make changes to an application
  • Make payment online
  • Access electronic messaging throughout the process

Process of applying for QSWP

The process of applying for QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) or what the government calls “The Regular Skilled Worker Program” includes following steps for those who are not cap-exempt:

  • To settle in Quebec, submit an Expression of Interest.
  • Invitation for applying Quebec Selection Certificate
  • Application for a Quebec Selection Certificate

The basic steps includes:

Get a Quebec Certificate of Selection

The first step of the process is to get a Quebec Certificate of Selection.

Get the application package

When Quebec has selected you, then you will get the application package that includes a guide which will help you to fill out the form.

Pay your application fees

You need to pay all your dues regarding application.

Submit your application

For Quebec Immigration, submit your application. But before submitting you need to make sure that you have:

  • Answer all the questions
  • Printed the application form
  • Signed your application form
  • Included all the required documents (validated application, processing fee or receipt, your supporting documents and a copy of Quebec Certificate of Selection)

If anything is missing your application will not processed. Then, you need to fix errors and re-send it.

Requirement for Quebec Skilled Worker

QSWP is a very complex program than the other programs of immigration. The eligibility for this program varies from person to person. The criteria for a person who is applying as a single applicant differs from a person who is applying with his or her spouse or family. All applicants should have two points thresholds to be considered eligible.

Let’s first take a Single applicant

Single applicants

Single applicants should have 43 points out 99 across the following factors:

  • Education level
  • Specific area of training
  • French ability
  • Age
  • English ability
  • Connections to Quebec (through family or previous visit trips)

Applicants with spouses or common law partners

Applicants with spouses or common law partners should secure 52 points for the first threshold. As this threshold is a bit higher that means it is more difficult. These applicants can also secure 17 points for the spouse’s factors. Distribution of these points are as follow:

  • Spouse/partner education (upto 4 points)
  • Their area of training (upto 4 points)
  • Age (upto 3 points)
  • French ability (upto 6 points)

Secondary points threshold

Those single applicants who have accumulated 43 points from the above factors and should also take into account the number of children they have and their financial capacity. To sum up all, it becomes 50 points in total, including all the factors.

Same goes for the applicants with common law partners or spouses. All together they will reach 59 points in total.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is for a foreign temporary worker or a student who have experience in Quebec. Candidates do not need to a job offer in this program. But, they should have French-speaking ability.

Quebec Immigration Pilot Program for workers in information technology, visual effects and artificial intelligence

This immigration pilot program will be launching in January 2021. It will offer a pathway to permanent residence in Quebec for workers in the industries of AI, IT, and VFX either working in Quebec or having a job offer from a Quebec employer. This program will offer two streams for non-French speakers, and the other is for the French-speakers.

Quebec Immigration Pilot Program for food processing workers

This program will provide a route to Canadian PR for workers currently employed in Quebec’s food processing sector. It will be launching in January 2021. To be eligible under this program, all the candidates need to illustrate advanced-intermediate French-language skills.

Quebec Immigration Pilot program for orderlies

This immigration pilot program is for currently employed orderlies, nurses aides, and patient services associates in Quebec. It will be launching in January 2021. To get eligible under this program, individuals need to prove advanced-intermediate French-language skills.

Quebec Business Immigration Program

This program is basically divided into three categories.

1. Quebec Investor Program

It is for those individuals who have experience in management, and through their management skills, they can make a significant financial investment in Quebec. It can be a great pathway for Canadian permanent residence.

2. Quebec Entrepreneur Program

It is for high net worth individuals who wish to establish a business in Quebec. Under this program, candidates are required to have demonstrated experience in the management or ownership of a business.

3. Quebec Self Employed Program

It is for those individuals who want to create their own job by practicing a profession in Quebec. The requirements of this program are quite specific; therefore, not all self-employed workers will be qualified. Candidates must have at least two years of experience as self-employed and a minimum of CAD$100,000 net assets.

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