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Thousands of People immigrate to Canada every year and amongst them, about 68,645 Immigrants got their Permanent Residence through a unique program called the PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM (PNP). 

The Provincial Nominee Program is a jointly administered immigration program which provides provinces and territories with an opportunity to address their specific economic development needs while distributing the benefits of economic immigration across all provinces and territories. There are currently bilateral agreements with 11 jurisdictions regarding the administration of the PNP which provide the authority for provinces and territories to nominate immigrants destined to their jurisdictions by establishing their own criteria for provincial nomination. Once nominated by a province, a nominee applies to IRCC for permanent residence, at which time the Department determines the client’s eligibility and admissibility based on IRPR and federal admissibility standards. IRCC retains authority over the final selection decision.

Before we move ahead with How the program works and other aspects of a successful PNP application let’s have a look at the number of PNP NOMINATIONS issued during the year 2019.

Speaking of Number of Nominations Issued, 

  1. The 1st Province in the category is British Columbia with about 12,575 provincial nominations issued in 2019. 
  2. Manitoba comes on 2nd number with about 12,545 provincial nominations issued in 2019. 
  3. Ontario stands on the 3rd number with about 12,340 Provincial Nominations. 
  4. On the 4th rank we have 11,235 nominations issued by Alberta (A province with the biggest blue skies to view that gorgeous sun).
  5. Saskatchewan ranks on 5th number with 10,960 provincial nominations issued in 2019 that welcomed thousands of International Skilled Workers from healthcare, technology, business and various other fields. 
  6. Nova Scotia ranks on 6th with approx. 3,515 nominations issued to attract Nurses, Truck Drivers, and various other professionals to fulfil the Demand of growing Nova Scotia.
  7. On 7th number we have New Brunswick who issued 2,850 nominations to fill the local Industry demanding Butchers, Cleaners and many other Skilled Workers from various local Industries.
  8. Prince Edward Island ranks on 8th number with nearly 1,725 nominations issued in 2019 attracting Financial Managers, Registered Nurses, Plumbers and many other skilled workers Internationally. 
  9. Next in the list, on 9th number, we have 570 nominations issued by Newfoundland and Labrador.
  10. Yukon ranks on 10th number with 265 provincial nominations issued in 2019.
  11. Northwest Territories rank on 11th with 65 provincial nominations issued in 2019.

Quebec is not in the ranking list because Quebec has its own method of selecting International Workers called “Quebec Skilled Worker Program” (QSWP). 

Let’s talk about: How the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works?

This program is for workers who:

have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory

  • want to live in that province, and
  • want to become permanent residents of Canada
  • Each province and territory has its own “streams” (immigration programs that target certain groups) and requirements. For example, in a program stream, provinces and territories may target:

– students

– business people

– skilled workers

– semi-skilled workers

Lot of people ask us How they can Apply for a PNP? 

Well, Before you can apply to immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee, you must first be nominated by a province or territory. Each province or territory has its own application and nomination procedures. 

You can also Fill our Free Assessment Form at and we will do the heavy lifting for you by running your Profile against the Requirements of each of the Province. 

Some Common PNP Occupations in Demand are:

  1. Computer and information systems managers
  2. Database analysts and data administrators
  3. Chemical engineers
  4. Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and performing arts
  5. Woodworking machine operators
  6. Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  7. Metalworking and forging machine operators
  8. Plastics processing machine operators

And Many More Occupations

11 Provinces have their own Nomination Programs (called PNPs) which are as follows:

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