Canada Open Work Permit


International workers, students or their spouses need an open work permit to work in Canada. With an open work permit, you can easily and lawfully work within the boundaries of Canada. Generally, it is available for a specific kind of job and for a specific period of time. 

Who Can Apply For An Open Work Permit?

You are eligible to apply for an open work permit if you are: 

  • Law partners or spouses of foreign workers or students.
  • International workers whose work permit will expire and have applied for a new one.
  • Candidates of Canada World Youth Program

Note That: In certain cases, individuals rejected from LMIA can apply for Open Work Permit.

Post Graduation Work Permit:

Post Graduation Work Permit offers three years of open work permit to students, and it allows them to work for any Canadian employee or company. You need to apply for an open work permit within 90 days after completing a study program. If you fulfil all the requirements except for the full-time study requirement, you can still apply for this program. 

If you have different international companies and you want to temporarily transfer the qualified and skilled employees to Canada, you need to apply for Intra-Company Transfers



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