Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)


Ontario is the most multicultural province of Canada, located in the middle of Canada. Here, half of the new immigrants make their home. Ontario is the land of luck and opportunity. It has a democratic and prosperous society which is built by generations of hardworking immigrants. It is also called “the hub of the Canadian economy ”.

About 12 million of the population of Ontario contains immigrants from 200 different countries. This gigantic province has a robust and diversified economy, and most of the immigrants come to Ontario as it offers plenty of opportunities.

This province happily welcomes the talent that newcomers bring with them. It has several plans for individuals who have connections with Ontario. But how to reach there? Aside from the federal programs, like the programs directed under the Express Entry immigration system, the authorities of Ontario immigration also provide a peculiar pathway to Canada. The Ontario Provincial Nomination Program is Ontario’s first-ever nomination program. This program helps Ontario to nominate applicants for permanent residents status.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Streams

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program accepts applications under the following streams:

– Ontario Express Entry

– Employer Job Offer

– International Graduates Stream

– Business Stream

1. Ontario Express Entry

In certain cases, candidates to the OINP perhaps in the federal Express Entry pool. In fact, the OINP currently includes three Express Entry-aligned streams. In such cases, an OINP provincial nomination cause to the candidates getting 600 additional CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points, with an ITA (invitation to apply) to track quickly after IRCC organize a draw from the pool. Ontario has created 3 Express Entry-aligned streams for individuals who want to work and live permanently in Ontario. These streams are as follows:

1. Human Capital Priorities Stream

2. French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

3. Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

Human Capital Priorities Stream

Through this stream, the OINP nominates individuals who are considered eligible for Federal Express Entry Pool. These eligible candidates must have the required education and work experience. These characteristics will help the candidates to establish and mould into the labour market and communities.

French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

This stream invites applicants who show proficiency in both English and French in the Express Entry pool and have the ability to participate in the labour force of the province as a skilled worker.

Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

This stream targets those tradespersons who are involved in ongoing or have experience of working in Ontario.

2. Employer Job Offer

This stream certainly allows Ontario employers to recruit foreign workers to fill vacancies for skilled positions. It offers immigration options for candidates with a valid job offer from an Ontario employer. To be deemed valid, both the employer and the job itself must fulfil certain conditions. Moreover, the candidates need to meet specific eligibility requirements in terms of the stream they want to apply.

– Foreign Worker

– International Student with a Job Offer

– In-Demand Skills

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible under this category, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have 24 months of work experience either in Canada or abroad.
  2. Have a full-time job offer in a skilled occupation NOC level A, O or B.
  3. Need to living abroad or visiting Canada on a temporary work permit

Foreign Worker Stream

It is for the foreign nationals who have a job offer in a skilled occupation in Ontario and can settle and work in the province. 

International Student Stream

This stream supports international students who have accomplished Canadian educational credentials and a job offer in Ontario.

In-Demand Skills Stream

This stream targets foreign workers who have work experience and a valid job offer in one of Ontario’s in-demand occupations.

3. International Graduates Stream

This stream is for the international students who have newly gained a master’s or doctoral degree from a qualified Ontario university. This category accepts application under the following stream.

– Masters Graduates

– PhD Graduates

Masters Graduate Stream

This stream is for those international students who have obtained a Masters degree from one of Ontario’s publicly funded universities. Applicants do not need a job offer in this stream.

PhD Graduate Stream

This stream is for students who have got a PhD degree from an eligible university in Ontario. Furthermore, in this stream, candidates do not need to have a job offer.

4. Business Stream

It focuses on wealthy entrepreneurs and firms who want to make considerable investments in industrial development in Ontario. Under this program, corporations and entrepreneurs with shown accomplishments of success can start new projects in Ontario. If these projects are successful, the candidates will be nominated for Canadian PR (permanent residence). It includes the following three streams.

– Entrepreneur Stream

– Corporate Stream (Closed) 

– Investor Stream (Closed)

Entrepreneur Stream

This stream targets those individuals who wish to start a new or buy an existing business in Ontario. All the successful candidates will receive a letter containing a work permit which will be based on performance agreement. If the candidates meet all the requirements of the agreement, then they will have the opportunity to be nominated for Ontario immigration as the permanent residents.

Corporate Stream (closed)

This stream targets to help those international corporations who are willing to expand their business in Ontario or willing to buy an existing business there. Once the business is successfully established, applicants can apply for provincial nominee certificates which will allow them to become permanent residents of Canada. But this stream is currently closed.

Investors (closed)

This stream is for wealthy business managers and investors who can invest about CAD 3 million into the province. Currently, this stream is no longer active.

Steps to a successful OINP application

If you want your OINP application successful then you need to pay consideration to the following beneficial steps:

1. Ensure that you qualify

This may seem like a quite clear thing to know, but actually, various OINP candidates fail to check that they fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria. Thus, to sidestep this trouble, be sure that you satisfy all the obligatory requirements for the particular OINP stream.

2. Apply to get nominated by the Ontario government

Once you have selected your specific stream, you can then apply online, using the OINP e-filing portal. It will require about two to three hours to complete the application.

3. Apply for permanent residence to the Government of Canada

If you get nominated by the Ontario government, the further step is to apply for a Canadian permanent residence through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

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