Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)


Nova Scotia is second-smallest and one of the most unique province of Canada with an area of 55,284 square kilometres. It is located in the friendly Maritimes region of the country. Moreover, economic activity of this country is largely centered around Halifax.

If you are thinking about Nova Scotia immigration, then you have chosen the right place to settle. Nova Scotia is surrounded by the natural beauty of the sea, lush green trees, farmlands and lakes. Low cost of living and all these factors make Nova Scotia, one of the most enjoyable places to live in Canada.

If you want to immigrate to Nova Scotia, you need to apply for a Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). This program targets skilled and experienced applicants who can make Nova Scotia’s economy better and can tackle demographic challenges.

Why Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia Immigration can turn out to be the best option for you mainly because it offers a quality of life for their residents. It allows its residents to keep everything in perspectives such as family, work, responsibility and relaxation. Therefore, Nova Scotia is an ideal place to immigrate.

The slow development in Nova Scotia has its own benefits. It means that its residents can spend more time with their families and friends. Moreover, it is pretty affordable to buy a home in Nova Scotia as it has a low cost of living.


Applicants who meet the criteria of one of the following 6 streams will be considered eligible for Nova Scotia Immigration.

  1. Nova Scotia Demand specifically Express Entry
  2. Nova Scotia Experience most importantly Express Entry
  3. Skilled Worker
  4. Physician
  5. Entrepreneurs
  6. International Graduate Entrepreneur

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

This stream enables the province to qualify applicants under the Federal Express Entry immigration system without any sponsorship. The province will only nominate qualified applicants.

This stream scores applicants on the basis of the following 6 factors.

  1. Education
  2. Work experience
  3. Age
  4. Language ability
  5. Arranged employment in Nova Scotia
  6. Adaptability

This stream further includes two categories. Category A (offers job) and category B (requires experience in Nova’s targeted occupations).

Requirements for Category A

The following is the requirements for Category A:

  • Full-time skilled job offer from a Nova Scotia employer
  • Canadian high school degree
  • One year of work experience
  • Proven language ability requirement up to CLB 7
  • Score 67 points or more from the above factors
  • Have enough resources to settle in Nova Scotia
  • Have a registered profile of Canada Express Entry
Requirements for Category B

The following is the requirements for Category B.

1. It includes skilled work experience of almost two years in one of the following occupations;

(a) Financial auditors and accountants,

(b) Civil engineers,

(c) Other financial officers,

(d) Administrative assistants,

(e) Professional occupations in advertising and PR,

(f) Accounting and related clerks,

(g) Registered Nurses and psychiatric nurse,

(h) College and other vocational instructors,

(i) Social and community workers.

2. Canadian high school degree

3. Score 67 points or more in those selected 6 factors

4. Have financial resources to settle in Nova Scotia

5. Have a registered profile of Canada Express Entry

6. Language ability up to CLB 7

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

High skilled immigrants who have work experience in Nova qualifies under this steam. Its core requirement is one year of experience in NOC A, O or B position.

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility requirements are as follow:

  • One year of experience in Nova Scotia
  • Should be 21 to 55 years of age
  • Canadian high school graduate
  • Language proficiency in French or English.
  • CLB 7 for skilled work in NOC O and A whereas CLB 5 for NOC B jobs.
  • Register a profile in Canada Express Entry pool

If you want to know more about Express Entry, you need to visit What is Canada Express Entry Program?

Skilled Worker

This stream is certainly for foreign skilled workers and international graduates. Above all employers who can not find any permanent residents for their company or job can access the stream after receiving LMIA. The following are its requirements:

  • Full-time permanent job offer from Nova Scotia’s employer
  • At least one year of work experience
  • Age must be between 51 to 55
  • High school graduate
  • Language ability CLB 5 for skilled workers and CLB 4 for semi-skilled workers
  • Above all-sufficient financial resources for Nova Scotia Immigration


This stream further helps the province to hire foreign physicians and specialists. It is certainly designed to retain those positions in the province which has unable to fill with a Canadian citizen. The following requirements needed to be considered for a physician:

  • Legal status
  • Job offer
  • Education and training
  • Language ability


This stream probably targets entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or buy an existing business through Nova Scotia Immigration program. For that, they need to live in Nova Scotia and actively participate in that business.

Under this stream, candidates are first issued with a temporary work permit then further they are headed towards permanent residency. Entrepreneurs need to follow the following requirements:

  • Be of age 21 years or older
  • Show an intention to live permanently in Nova Scotia
  • Must have minimum net worth $600,000 net worth
  • Must have a minimum investment of $150,000 to establish a new business
  • Have 3 years of experience in Business
  • Score CLB 5 in French or English

International Graduate Entrepreneur

This stream is in contrast to the above-mentioned Entrepreneur Stream. However, this stream selects only those candidates who have graduated recently from a Nova Scotia University. The following requirements needed to be considered under this category:

  • Intend to live permanently in Nova Scotia through Nova Scotia Immigration program.
  • Must have one year of managing experience
  • Valid post-graduation work permit
  • CLB 7 in language ability
  • Must have completed a degree or diploma of two years

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