Canada NAFTA Work Permit


NAFTA Work Permit is for the residents of America or Mexico. Under this program, residents of the United States or Mexico who put resources into new or existing organizations in Canada might be qualified for an investor work visa. This is done to deal with their Canadian Business. 

Canada will allow Mexican and American entrepreneurs who have already made a significant investment in the Canadian economy or business to enter Canada and develop their business. To apply for this program, foreign investors need to provide a complete plan and detail of their business. He or she also needs to give evidence that they are investing a significant portion of funds in this project.

Types of Temporary Work Under NAFTA

NAFTA Professionals

Under this category, professionals need to be qualified for a job and must have a pre-arranged job related to their qualification in Canada. For a job offer the individual needs to provide educational credentials or proof of work experience in a relevant field. This category is not for those who want to start their own work in Canada.

NAFTA Intra-Company Transfers

NAFTA Intra-Company Transferees allow the transfer of specialized and skilled labour between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

NAFTA Traders

A NAFTA Trader should show his or her intention of trading between Canada and his or her country, either Mexico or the USA. When more than 50% of trade is done between Canada and these countries, that means it is Substantial Trade. It is certainly based on the amount or value of trade.

NAFTA Investors

NAFTA Investors need to provide a proper plan of their substantial investment in a Canadian business to enter Canada to develop a business.

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