Canada Investors Business Visa


Investors Business Visa is based on the ability and experience in Business. If the person can create jobs for Canadians and participate in Canada’s economic development, then this program will help you to get Canada immigration. In case of your application acceptance, you need to invest in Canada before the issuance of a visa. For this, you need the support of the investing organization, so that you can start your own business. We will inform you when your investment is required, and as a rule, you have to invest within 30-days. The visa office will confirm the time frame, and without investment, the visa office will not issue a permanent resident visa. If you want to apply in Investors business visa, then you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Investors must have 2 years of business experience before making an application to Canada immigration.
  2. They must legally obtain the net worth of at least C$10,000,000
  3. You need to have a letter of support from any of the investment organizations.
  4. Also need to prove the language proficiency of English and French languages.
  5. You and your family also need to pass a medical examination, and there should be no criminal records.
  6. Must provide the proof of Language proficiency in English or French with benchmark 5 in reading and listening.
  7. Your application must be completed with all the required documents. If your documents are not complete, the visa office will send your application back, and the visa processing time will delay.

The Government of Canada will not support your business or give any money to start a new business. You need to be financially strong so that you can live independently. Most importantly, if you are bringing more than CAN $10,000, you have to inform Canada officials. Otherwise, they will confiscate your money.

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