How to get Canadian PR?


Do you know Canada admitted 313,580 immigrants in 2018/2019, one of the highest levels in Canadian history? In 2015/2016, Canada received 323,192 permanent immigrants, including just about 30,000 Syrian refugees.

The number of non-permanent residents rocketed to 171,536 in 2018/2019, the most significant increase in the country’s history. While also driven by rapid growth in asylum claimants, this increase was mainly led by the rise in the number of work and study permit holders. Temporary immigration assists Canada in meeting its labour market needs.

Hence you can come to Canada as a Student, Worker, or Immigrant. To do so, you can choose which province you intend to live in. If you intend to Immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident, then this article can help you get to your dream Country through Express Entry Program

Express Entry is the fastest and prevalent pathway for newcomers that organises and processes applications for Immigration candidates who intend to acquire Permanent Residence of Canada.

Applying to Express Entry is a two-step process, and the first step is to submit your basic profile which requires Language test results (English or French), Educational credential assessment report (Attestation of your Educational Documents from one of the authorised Authorities) and A Passport or Travel document.

Once you are done submitting your profile, you may receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. However, IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) may request you to provide more details that include additional identity documents, reference letters, police clearance certificates, or results of a medical examination.

Candidates who qualify for the following programs are also eligible to apply under the Express Entry program:

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) – To qualify for FSW, an applicant must meet specific minimum requirements regarding their years of work experience, level of education, age, and English or French language proficiency.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST) – This program is for candidates who have at least two years of full-time work experience (or an equal amount in part-time) in any skilled trade given on IRCC’s website like butchers, bakers, industrial, electrical or construction employees.  

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) This Program is for those who studied at any Canadian Institute 

The easiest way to find out if your eligible is to use IRCC’s free online scoring tool to calculate your CRS and compare it with the score of those who were invited for Permanent Residence in last few Draws or you can fill up our free assessment form at our website, and we will do it for you. 

Commonly, to be eligible to apply to Express Entry as a skilled worker, you must:

  1. Have at least one-year continuous full-time (or equivalent part-time) work experience, in the last ten years, of in a skilled occupation.
  2. Be able to demonstrate on an approved language test a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) seven in either English or French
  3. Completed post-secondary education that is assessed against Canadian standards with an Educational Credential Assessment

Most of the candidates who received an invitation to apply for PR met the following requirements:

– Were under 30 years of age 

– Had at least Bachelor’s degrees or a master’s degree 

– Were able to demonstrate moderate to High English and/or French language proficiency with 7+ IELTS General Score and equivalent CLB in French

– Had at least three years of skilled work experience

Some factors that can help you with getting a HIGHER score to get an ITA (Invitation to apply) can include:

  • Bilingualism in French and English 
  • A Master’s degree or PhD education
  • Canadian work Experience (At least 1-year full time or equivalent part-time)
  • Canadian Educational experience (Could be a Program of Study completed in Canada)
  • A Canadian brother or sister currently residing in Canada
  • Job offer letter from a Canadian company 
  • A nomination letter from a provincial nominee program who invited you to their province based on the Labour Market requirements.

The cost of Express Entry Application from Beginning to the End may cost you around 2400$

  1. Language tests may cost on Average 250$ to 350$
  2. Biometrics cost is around $85/person
  3. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) average cost is 200-250$
  4. Government fees could be 1,325$ per adult & 225$ per child
  5. Medical examination fees on average may cost up to 450$ per adult & 250$ per child
  6. Police clearance certificates may average cost you between 50-150$ depending on your country

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