Health Insurance In Canada


Canada has one of the best and advanced health care systems. It covers correctly all the basic as well as emergency aspects of health care. Canada’s Health Care System provides the best health services to its permanent citizens as well as international students. During your stay in Canada, you must have a provincial health care card so that you can access the medical services for yourself.

Provincial Health Care

If you are planning to study in Canada, you need to know the availability of insurance in your planned province of study. After that, you need to apply for your health insurance from your respective province in Canada. If you qualify for health care, you can see what kind of facilities you will get—international students with valid study permit required to obtain health insurance during their stay in Canada.

Health Insurance Processing Time

Contact the Health Ministry of your province to know how long it will take to process your health insurance card. The processing time varies from province to province. In some instances, it will take up to three months, and some regions might take a shorter period. You need to show this card every time you go for a medical checkup.

Registration For Health Insurance Card

Just after your arrival in Canada, you need to obtain a health insurance card, it is recommended by the Canada Immigration Department. It will allow you to attain all the health facilities offered in your living province. The following are some of the steps to obtain a health insurance card.

  1. Get an application form from the Hospitals, Pharmacies and Provincial Ministry of Health offices of your respective territory
  2. You need to provide all your required documents
  3. Confirmation of your permanent residence 
  4. Birth’s Certificate
  5. You must show up the insurance card to hospitals or clinics whenever you visit for your treatment. 

Note that: Do not share your card with anyone else, and the card is only for your use. Otherwise, you will lose the benefits it provides and will face some criminal charges.

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