Find a School in Canada


Canada is considered as one of the world’s top educational place with multiple choices. You can easily find a school in Canada, so it’s important to search for the best option.

In Canada, the therm “School” means an educational institution. Generally the school falls into following categories;

  • University or College
  • Vocational or Trade
  • Primary Schools
  • Language Schools

Type of Study Program

The first thing you should do is select the type of study program to find a school in Canada.

You should have a answer for these questions that What type of degree do i want?, Will it help in my career? or How much money can I commit to my education? So its important that you chose a program that fulfill your both long and short term goals. Many schools in Canada offers counselling which will help you to find the desired education and institution.

Research Schools

When you are done with making a decision regarding your field of study, the next step is to research and find a school in Canada which is offering your desired program.

Some factors which you should take into account while researching are as follows:

  • Location
  • Tuition fee
  • Teacher-student ratio
  • School support for international students
  • Cost of living while you are studying

Primary (elementary) and Secondary Schools

These are schools that teaches students up to grade 12. In primary schools, students of age group 1 to 11 will study from grade 1 to 6. In secondary school students of age group 12 to 18 will study from grade 7 to 12.

Post Secondary Schools

They include Universities, Colleges, Vocational schools etc. Each post secondary school has its own rules of applying and they will also inform you that what level of English or French is accepted in their institution.

Language Schools

The Government of Canada focuses on language programs at public institutions. There are various of schools in Canada that teach French or English as a second language. Some provincial governments does not regulate languages program in private schools.

How to apply

Once you are done with choosing a program and institution in which you wish to study, the next step is to apply for that university or college. Every school contains an entirely different criteria of applying than the other. Make sure that you apply early for your desired course and institution.

For Primary and Secondary schools, apply 6 months in advance and for University and College students, a year before. Find a school and contact them to ask all the information regarding your course, tuition fee etc

Fill out the application form of your desired institution and submit it according to the instructions provided. If the institution accepts you as a student for their institution, they will send you a letter of acceptance via mail or by hand. You will be needing that letter to apply for a Study Permit.

Health Insurance

The Canadian Government does not really pay for the medical insurance of international students. Health coverage for international students can vary from province to province. So in order to get details of health insurance, find a school and ask about their medical facilities.


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