Canada Skilled Immigration


The skilled worker is moving through Express Entry. Canada’s skilled Immigration allows immigrants to explore their skills. It gives extroverts an upper hand to do whatever they want to do. Express entry is how to select skilled workers through the fully electronic process, including the federal government, the provincial government, and employers.

If candidates can work in Canada and increase the economy, you can apply for permanent residency. Our main work is to guide people on how they can apply for immigration. Qualified workers who are already permanent residents are essential to Canada’s economy and its workforce quality. Qualified staff is the key to success for most of the reputed companies. Being qualified in a certain field is necessary.

List of programs you can apply for Canada Immigration

To work in Canada, you first meet all requirements for immigration. Canada always gives you opportunities for both permanent and temporary visas. There are two programs to which you can apply:

  • Quebec Immigration: If you meet all the requirements of skilled immigration, Quebec immigration might be the right option for you and your family.
  • Federal immigration: This program is initiated for those who have work experience and skills. This program is also done under express entry. For a visa, you must meet all the requirements.

Requirements to apply for Canada Skilled Immigration

The following are the requirements for skilled immigration.

  • For skilled immigration, you must have job experience of at least 10 years. The applicant must do a paid job.
  • The most important thing is that there should be no criminal record of the applicant.
  • And they should also need to have medical tests. The health of the candidate must be good.
  • The candidate is required to have the bank statement; it should be attached to the documents.
  • Education is also important for immigration. You must have a degree or diploma from an approved institute.
  • The age of the applicant also matters. The age should be between 32 to 47. After that, you will start losing 1 point with age.

Note that: If you are not able to meet the above requirements, then you are not eligible for the skilled immigration program.

Language Ability

The applicant must prove the language skills by taking an approved language test for Canada Immigration, for this the must to do things includes:

  • The applicant must have language proficiency, schedule the test with an approved agency.
  • You need to submit the result of the language test with the documents for the visa. If you don’t submit the result, your application will face rejection.

There are two approved test which are helpful for Canada Immigration.

  • IELTS: We mostly suggest our applicant to take this test. This test is basically apply for most of the Immigration types. EILTS further have two types:
  1. General training
  2. Academic training

We may recommend you a test for skilled immigration General Training.

  • TEF: There are some applicants who wants their language test in French. For that, you need to take TEF test. TEF have further two types:
  1.  EVALUTION TEST OF FRENCH(TEF): We may recommend this test for both Quebec and Federal immigration.
  2. TEFAQ: This is only applicable for Quebec immigration.

Quebec Immigration for Skilled Immigration

Quebec immigration has its own particular movement programs, and candidates are selected according to their skills and work experience in Canada. If candidates can adapt to the change according to the situation and can work in Canada, they are eligible for Canadian immigration. The most important thing for Quebec immigration is the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). If they get the CSQ, they can submit their documents to IRCC before the permanent resident process. Learn More

Federal Immigration for Skilled Immigration

The process of Federal immigration is done under the express entry. The Federal Immigration department selects the immigrants according to their skills and work experience. The candidates are classified according to the Comprehensive Ranking System. Those who score high points can apply for permanent residency. For selection, the candidate must meet the main factors like age, education, work experience, etc. There are many occupations in Canada, and your job is to select the best option to apply for work. To apply for Canada skilled Immigration, immigrants need to be eligible and enthusiastic.



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