Canada Immigration Requirements


Canada is certainly giving permanent residency to immigrants through its various immigration programs. However, every immigration program has different requirements or visa categories. However, there are some common requirements for each immigration program. These are as follow:

Language Proficiency

The most important and basic requirement for Canada Immigration is the language ability in English and French. You have to give proof of your language proficiency in English and French language by taking the test from a qualified institute or agency. The maximum points of this immigration requirement are 28 points. There are two following types of the language test.

  • IELTS: This test is for the English language. For the first official language, the minimum CLB level for eligibility is above 7 levels. If you are below this level, then you are not eligible for this program. For the second official language, the minimum CLB level is 4 levels in speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are two types of IELTS:

We will recommend you to take the IELTS General Training Test.

Note: If you want to take your language proficiency test in French, then you can take TEF language test.


If you have foreign education, then you are required to submit your foreign Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an approved institute. This is an essential part of Canada immigration requirements. ECA report will be proof of your foreign educational degree or diploma. The maximum points of this program are 25, and the minimum is 24 points. You have to attach your Educational Credential Assessment report with your application.

Medical Examination and Police Checks

Medical Examination: If you want to be the permanent resident of Canada, you need to fulfil some immigration requirements. These may include having a medical test from the panel doctor. Your family doctor cannot do the medical examination. The medical test should be done before application submission, and the duration of the medical test is 30 days of receiving the medical test instruction. If the test is not done before the deadline, then the application can be rejected. For Business Immigration, it is an essential requirement. If the panel doctor suggests you to have a chest X-ray and laboratory test, then you have to submit this also. Your panel physician will send your medical report to Canada, and they will let you know about the report. The medical report is valid only for 12 months. After that, you have to retake the medical test.

Police Checks: Most of the immigration programs and categories requires police checks. The candidates need to submit the valid and recent police certificate for a visa from their current country. If any criminal record founds, then your application might be delayed or rejected.

Other Canada Immigration Requirements

  • Photocopy of ID Card
  • Birth certificates for you and the family members who are immigrating with you
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Two Passport Size Photo with 70% Face
  • Marriage certificate (If married)
  • Experience letter (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds (Bank Statement)
  • Valid driver’s license (if any)



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