Canada Business Visa Types


The business immigration visa is for those experienced businessmen who want to come to Canada and empower the economy of Canada. It is best known for industries like Aerospace, Petroleum, Automotive, Agriculture, Shipbuilding and Information Technology.

Canada always encouraged talented and experienced employees to come and boost the Canadian economy. It has a lower business cost and corporate tax rates. Canada has a highly skilled and educated workforce. The following are the various types of business immigration.

Start-up Visa

If you have skill and potential to start-up a business in Canada, then you can apply for Canada business immigration. For this, you must have a qualifying business. A qualifying business means every candidate must hold at least 10% of the voting rights connected to all shares of the organisation. 

Self-Employed Visa

Self-Employed visa is given to individuals who have the capacity to do their own business in Canada.

Investors Business Visa

This program is based on the ability and experience in Business. If the person can create jobs for Canadians and participate in Canada’s economic development, then this program will help you to get Canada immigration. 

Entrepreneur Business Visa

The Entrepreneur business visa program is started to provide permanent residence to people who have the ability to start a business and create jobs for the people in Canada.

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